Paint, graffiti & GUM REMOVAL

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Paint, graffiti & gum removal & cleaning  

Our pressurised cleaning system works on various types of surfaces including brick, concrete, stone, render, metal, plastic, wood and other surfaces, removing the graffiti without damaging the surface.
We also offer anti-graffiti wall protection after the cleaning process is complete to counteract any further attacks.

Chewing gum Removal
Chewing gum which is not disposed of correctly can soon build up on surfaces which can make an area very unsightly and dirty.
Overtime chewing gum turns into a stain which can make your business premises look uncared for, giving your clients a bad perception of your business.


Our trained specialists heat the chewing gum to 150 degrees which then removes the chewing gum from the surface area using a jet of water at 1250 pounds per square inch.


paint removal
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